In this fast-paced, nanosecond attention span, technology reliant world, we spend less time taking stock and appreciating life’s greatness. We seem to reserve the celebration of a life’s legacy until that person has passed on from this world.  Today is not that day.  On October 20, Beulah Merriman will celebrate her 90th birthday.
Over the course of 90 years, she has gathered a lifetime of memories; all the while with a heart of gold, exhibiting warmth, kindness, and compassion to everyone she meets. Pictures of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren surround her room reflecting the Merriman legacy. We hope that this day is filled with fun and surprises.  Today, we want to take stock, celebrate your living legacy, and demonstrate our undying gratitude. This is our way to honor and commemorate 90 years and your immeasurable impact on our lives.
Joy:  Thank you Mom for your love and support. Mom you are such a strong and spiritual woman.  I love your sense of humor, especially when we reminisce about my childhood in Guyana.  You enjoy life.   There was always food on the table and on the stove, even for unexpected guests.  I will always remember Mom in the kitchen cooking up a storm during the holidays.  Some of your classic menu items included black pudding, souse, garlic pork, curry chicken, goat, and crab. You made ginger beer, mauby and sorrel from scratch.  Your love for your children grandchildren and great grandchildren shines. You always ask about them.  Your birthday is the most special day of the year. It was only through your birth this incredible legacy was born.
Bernice: Beulah Merriman lives, loves, and laughs. She loves to laugh and has a wicked sense of humor. Our home was surrounded by music and she often sang better than the artist on the record.  She is an avid movie fan and is always ready for a day or night out at the movies. This teenage bride was blessed with celebrating 67 wedding anniversaries with her late husband, Prince Albert Merriman.  Although she had a total of 9 children, 2 sets of twins, the home was kept spotless, there was always delicious meals prepared for family and expected or unexpected guests.  Anyone needing a place to stay were made very comfortable at the home. Despite her nonstop daily chores, she maintained her beauty and still remains very fashionable and beautiful.
Marlene:  I always loved the way Mom celebrated the holidays. You could tell whether it was Christmas or Easter, just by the traditional Guyanese foods she cooked, and the way she loved to decorate the house. Mom taught us to never judge anyone because of their race, to treat everyone equally, with kindness and understanding. She taught all her children this trait, and, this captures just a small part of her legacy.
Paula:  My Mom taught me a lot. She gave me the courage to never give up, to love my siblings and always be a family, to be kind, patient and most importantly to pray. The most memorable moment about my Mom is seeing her up before sunrise with her night lamp on, my Dad sleeping next to her snoring away, but that never stopped my Mom from reading the Bible while massaging every bead on her rosary. The essence of my Mom is captured in a Jewish Proverb – God could not be everywhere and therefore he made Mothers.
Aubrey:  To this day, in addition to being the center of the Merriman universe, I believe that my Mother is a superhero. Her saliva cleans any scraps, her kiss cures any ailments, her hands have a healing touch, her smile makes you glow, her hugs give you courage, her eyes can see through any pretense, her voice becomes your moral compass, her shoulders hold the weight of our family, her heart is pure gold, her food nourishes your soul, her prayers give you strength, her faith and resolution inspires you. While she doesn’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, her powers come from her profound faith, empathy, selflessness, beauty, unflinching grace, and commitment to God and family. Thank you for being the indelible tie that binds us together and for giving true meaning to our lives.
Audrey:  When I think of Mom, I think of her as the matriarch of the Merriman family and how she keeps the family together through her unconditional love for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  I think about how she has overcome so many hardships and when I am faced with adversity I often ask myself what would Mom do?  Her strength, perseverance, and unwavering faith in God have inspired me to remain both strong and faithful.  On this day I celebrate the life of Mom and reflect on how she has influenced me as a woman and as a mother.
We hope that your 90th birthday is filled with laughter, love and happiness because these are some of the hallmarks of your legacy.

Submitted By Aubrey MERRIMAN