Babita Celebrated

Babita  Celebrated

The gathering of relatives and friends at 8080 Newman Street in LaSalle on the evening of Saturday, June 4, was made even more special because they were there for a surprise birthday celebration of Babita Parsram, a woman they all adore and respect.
Word is, it was a milestone birthday that husband Danraj and children, Richard, Stace and Serina weren’t going to let it go by without those closest to the family sharing a meal and a drink together.
Relatives came from Toronto, Ottawa and the US and joined with other relatives and friends here to heap praise and adulation on Babita, who for much of her time here in Montreal has dedicated herself to building her business, looking after her family and offering support to the community.
It’s was 22 years ago on March 4, 2000 when Babita and Dhanraj opened the doors of their restaurant Caribbean Paradise and made it an oasis where many in our community found a delightful place to enjoy the delicacies of their native Guyana, the rest of the Caribbean as well as North America.
Over the years the place has come to be known as the venue of choice for the events of almost every cultural group in Quebec.
But Babita and Dhanraj’s commitment to our community has never wavered and they kept an open door to those wanting support of any kind.
That’s why the celebration of her special birthday was so sweet for all present.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Babita Parsram.