Tiger focuses on beauty and well-being at Aamiyah

Tiger focuses on beauty and well-being at Aamiyah


When Tiger Morrison got into the hair-care and beauty supply business, it wasn’t just to sell you stuff to make you look good because as a 20-year-veteran on personal fitness circuit, his mantra is: to look good on the outside ,  you have to feel good on the inside.

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So when you catch him at his new store Aamiyah, on Wellington Street in Verdun, it would be appropriate to get information on more than just hair and beauty products.

“I’m always ready to offer my clients any advice or information that will make them look and feel better,” says  Morrison, kno

wn across Montreal as Tiger. “So at Aamiyah, my mission goes further than selling them something for their hair or their skin, I want to give them a total makeover.”
As a matter of fact, he is setting up a program aimed at brides and bridegrooms offering them an opportunity to fine tune their bodies and get in shape while preparing for their wedding.
The recently opened store does, however, carry a wide range of supplies for families in the southwest district, who for long haven’t had such an outlet in their neck of the wood.
Tiger says he is ready  to meet the needs of the wide diversity of people that frequent the Wellington street shopping strip.
“We carry supplies for both Black and white and other cultural groups in the area and our commitment to them is that if we don’t have what they want in the store, we will get it for them,” says Tiger, reaffirming the fact that Aamiyah is truly a community based  business.
He added that distinguishes itself from other stores of its kind with its extensive children section.
We make it easy for parent to find the supplies that they need to
A former chef and fitness enthusiast in Barbados, Tiger moved to Montreal in 2000 and devoted himself  to building a career

as a personal trainer.
In 2007 he opened Tiger Fitness Studio and established himself as one of the foremost fitness experts in the city.
Since opening the doors of Aamiyah in July  he has invested himself fully into the business and puts in the extended hours that it takes to get to the next level.
So far, his engaging personality and dedication to building the business have  been  earning him and the business  support.
Someone who chooses to remain anonymous “silent supporter” says that she admire Tiger’s work ethic and magnetic inter personal skills.
“This type of business is a perfect fit for him and I have no doubt Aamiyah will grow into a cussesful enterprise,”  she told the CONTACT.
Tiger is also very confident of eventual success but says his focus is to get people into the store and help find all that they in the quest for beauty and well-being.
Aamiyah Beauty Supplies  5047 Wellington Street, Verdun 514 762 1046