Replacement and other theories

A few weeks ago I visited the U.S.. and what a red carpet welcome I got.
A carpet stained with blood of 10 people gunned down by an 18 year old white male in the city of Buffalo, New York.
Why such carnage?
It has been suggested that this action was a response to the new/old buzz word, REPLACEMENT.
The Saturday mass shooting was a racially motivated attack. The suspect allegedly wrote a 180 page document filled with hateful rants about race and ties to the Great Replacement Theory.
So what is this theory all about?
In short , the Great Replacement Theory is a conspiracy concept that states that non-white individuals are being brought into the United States and other western countries to replace white voters so as to achieve a political agenda.
This theory is often touted by anti-immigration groups, white supremist, and others. The white supremist argue that the influx of immigrants, more specifically people of color, will lead to the extinction of the white race.
Payton Gendron, the accused mass murderer , allegedly said that the decrease in white birth rates equates to genocide. So the supermarket shooter and other extremists claim that the US. must close its borders to immigrants.
One would note that the administration of the immediate former president of the U.S. was very hostile to immigrants resulting
in the Canadian borders being flooded with legal and illegal immigrants.
The Great Replacement Theory also claims that immigrants and non-white voters will join together and vote in a particular way, thus
influencing policies not beneficial to the former white majority.
The prediction is that if things continue as they are, the majority to minority situation could happen as early as 2050.
Responding to this Replacement Theory, Prof. Adolphus Belk of Winthrop University said, “white nationalist movements arise when people of color are seen as a threat in the political and economic realms.”
He further stated that , “white nationalists are worried that
whites will no longer be a majority of the general population, but a plurality, and they see that as a threat to their well-being and that of the nation.”
One does not build fences unless they feel threatened, this threat being real or imagined.


According to my source it has its roots in French Nationalism in the early 1900s, but the more contemporary use is attributed to a French
writer, Renaud Camus, who wrote, ” Le Grand Replacement,” ” The Great Replacement ” in 2011.
Camus work was influenced by another French author, who wrote in 1973 a novel, ” The Camp Of The Saints,” which was a fictional tale of migrants bonding together to take over France.
The white supremist also blame Jewish people for non-white immigration to the U.S, and the theory is now associated
with antisemitism.
Another core belief of the white supremist is a 14 word slogan, ” We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”
This slogan was coined by David Lane, a member of a group known as ” The Order”.
Over the last eight years the U.S. has experienced an increase in white nationalism, and at the same time has seen a sharp rise in crimes.
The mass murder in Buffalo is the most recent one. Some others are 9 people killed in a South Carolina church in 2015, 11 at a synagogue in Pennsylvania
in 2018, and 50 shot and killed at a mosque in New Zealand in 2019. All these crimes were racially motivated.
The verdict is not yet out on the recent mass killing of 19 students and two teachers at a school in Uvalde, Texas.
It is frightening to think how dangerous these nationalists are and to what length they will go in order to protect and maintain their position in society.
The suspect in the Buffalo shooting travelled nearly 200 miles to carry out his attack. Yes the overwhelming majority of the victims were Black.
Prof. Belk also said that these groups are willing to use any means available to defend and preserve their position in society. They will not hesitate to eliminate the offending culture and people to maintain the status quo.
So, after an education and understanding of The Replacement Theory, I returned to Quebec only to be confronted by the passage of
Bill 96 in spite of the strong opposition to it particularly by the English speaking communities.
The Bill is simple an effort on the part of the government to maintain a French speaking majority by limiting the use of the English language. The Bill comes with a definite ” NO,” to Bilingualism and a paternal assurance from the premier that he will take care and protect the English speaking minority.
Canada protects its white majority by controlling and limiting its immigrants from non-white countries. Consequently there is presently a very serious labour shortage.
To protect its majority Quebec uses language. I believe that if promoting French speaking was the real issue, bilingual Quebec
would see an increase in French speaking as well as English speaking. That would be a win-win situation.
But it is not about promoting French, it is about maintaining a majority and the power that comes with it.
Quebec’s French speaking majority must not be sacrificed on the altars of bilingualism.
The majority status must be rigidly defended at any cost.

However, the fact remains: To speak a second language is an asset not a liability.