Massacre In Quebec City

Peter Bailey
 – The New Life Poet

The recent massacre at a Quebec City mosque was a tragedy on many levels.
It’s tragic because the life of six innocent people were taken, perhaps with the belief or hope that someone in turn might take revenge by slaughtering innocent Quebecers.
It’s tragic because of generation after generation of Quebecois(e) who were taught to hate, and are still hating.
Make no mistake about it hate killed those people in Quebec City.
The roots of the hatred that exist among the separatist Nazi-like Quebecois(e) can be traced to the Catholic Church which ran the educational system in Quebec for generations. It is within the purview of that system that the seeds of hatred and separatism were sowed. When the church no longer controlled the educational system, the teaching of hate was passed on to the colleges and universities.
In the late 1960s and early 70s the F.L.Q (Front de Liberation de Quebec) terrorists brought hatred and mayhem to its zenith through a campaign of murder and bombings; my sister was nearly killed by one of their bombs.
At the time she was working at Eaton’s Department store on St. Catherine Street. A member of the FLQ planted a bomb in a mailbox outside the store; it exploded shortly before she would’ve been walking out the front door.
After committing various acts of terrorism the FLQ culprits were allowed to escape to Cuba and Algeria. However, they were not happy with their new homes and wanted to return to Canada. So a deal was made with the Quebec and Canadian governments and they were welcomed back. They served three or four years in prison (in Quebec) and were set free. They were regarded as heroes by the separatists.
Afterwards, Quebec politicians took up the banner of hatred, and gave rise to the separatist movement. They immediately created laws against English-speaking people and immigrants. Furthermore, they nurtured and perpetuated hatred among the Quebecois, something they continue to do today.
So, I was not surprised when I heard that a Quebecois had entered and slaughtered innocent people at that Quebec City mosque. With all the teachings of hate, I am surprised something like that hadn’t happened sooner.
There are parallels that can be drawn between the Nazi-like separatists in Quebec City and the Nazis in Germany during World War 11.
In Germany there was a wave of violent incidents perpetrated by Nazis against Jews known as the “Night of Broken Glass” (Kristallnacht). Several Jewish stores were destroyed and many Jewish people beaten to death.
Shortly after those incidents in Germany, there were similar incidents in Quebec City, but no one was killed. Rioters were lead by a priest named Lionel Groulx. For his fine work back then an STM metro station was later named in his honour.
Today we have the Human Rights Commission, the Charter of Rights and Freedom, and anti hate laws. But as far as I am concerned they all are a bad joke, almost completely useless.
If you cannot pay for a lawyer, then you simply have no rights in Quebec – if you’re not a Quebecois(e).
Sadly, in Quebec hatred has greatly benefitted people in powerful positions [Politicians, separatist unions, corrupt construction unions and public sector unions] to the detriment of the greater population.
While Quebecers are busy hating English-speaking people, immigrants, people of different religions, etc., politicians are busy wasting taxpayers’ money, engaging in corruption, and generally acting in an irresponsible manner.
The most disheartening thing about Canada is that evil people are given a free hand to destroy what good we do have as a nation. We should see each other as human beings first and everything else second.
Until we see the light,  people will continue to die and suffer unnecessarily …