Let the Children be Children

Today’s children are being systematically exposed to issues that parents never had to confront when raising children decades ago

We can babble on and on about how much we care about the wee folk but they seem to be way down on the list after our jobs, homes and cars.
Most of us can’t seem to put them into daycare soon enough so we can get on with our all-important careers. (The Culture of Narcissism, Christopher Lasch).
We currently exist in an anti-child culture where the world of childhood should be about innocence, but as a culture today we scoff at innocence. Rather than protect our children we instead expose them to every imaginable human pathology and then justify it by claiming that it’s art, or that this happens in the real world, and kids need to know about it. Plainly put, it is simply that we refuse to let children be children.
What is discouraging, however, is how today’s children are being systematically exposed to issues that parents never had to confront when raising children decades ago. What is it that is taking away the innocence of childhood? Is it liberalism or just plain evil?
We have packed the brains, hearts and souls of our children with adult burdens that they are unable to carry, and then we pretend that we are not perverting their growth. It’s like scaring a sapling. All of this is without mentioning the emotional instability caused by the collapse of families, the epidemic of divorce and the absence of fathers in the home.
Yes, there was a time when as adults it was understood that children needed our protection. Today, we virtue-signal our modernity by exposing our children to the worst that human beings are capable of. With no malice or rancor aforethought our culture is sick.
No longer is today’s world a safe place for a child’s innocence; children are not sex objects and yet many parents appear to be rushing their pubescent offspring into a lifestyle that they are in no way prepared for.
For example, Gap for Kids is selling tight vinyl pants and leopard skin halter tops, and not only are children wearing them, but in most instances it is the parents who are buying these garments for their children.
Have we all lost our minds? What is wrong with adults today? We seem to have relinquished our parental responsibility to gurus instead of a village to raise our children. Pray tell why, in the name of all that’s morally good, should kindergarten curricula feature lessons on gender assignments or anything to do with sex education?
When we look at what our children are learning in schools it is: You can be any sex you choose, there are more genders than two, two plus two is equal to whatever the common core teacher says it is. Women should be able to kill their unborn children if they want to, homosexual unions are normal, but Christianity and Judaism are more deadly and dangerous than ISIS, and there is no God.
Doug Ford, recently sworn in as the 26th premier of the province of Ontario and his Progressive Conservative government, recently made a bold move “sex education wise.” He scrapped the revised sex education curriculum introduced by the Liberal government in 2015, and in September students will be taught the old sex education curriculum that dates back to the 1990s.
In 2015 the sex-ed. curriculum also came under fire for being looked upon as a new way of teaching gender, and possessing a much stronger undertone of sex as a purely recreational activity whose purpose is pleasure, apart from love or marriage. This is the sewer into which we toss our children and tell them to sink or swim.
One would think that parents would be extra vigilant in a time like now when sex is being paraded full blast on all fronts in the media, and Viagra is a must-have. Libidos are being supercharged by the entertainment industry and yet we somehow believe our children would not be impacted.
Let us also consider how often pre-teens or young teens are depicted in highly sexualized circumstances, or perpetrating violence with few consequences, or shown as being utterly without capable adult guidance or supervision. When teenagers are shooting or stabbing people and posting videos of these heinous acts on Facebook, it is not weapons problem; it is a culture problem.
Teen Vogue—a magazine whose readership includes preteens, last summer—featured a graphic article promoting the joys of anal sex. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/anal-sex-what-you-need-to-know. In response to parents anger and concern, the editor condescendingly dismissed a national backlash as “rooted in homophobia … (and an) arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/teen-vogue-editor-flips-off-critics-of-anal-sex-article-blames-backlash-onhomophobia.
Without risking hyperbole I can safely say that the visible situation of the child today is grim, and our culture is in a terminal situation as it pursues the reckless, immoral, activist agendas of adults.