You’re the most important representative to her of the male species.

A multiplicity of fathers is needed to help raise confident, intelligent, positively motivated and stable young ladies.

In the book The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children (Rosenberg & Bradford, 2006), research has shown that a father’s involvement in the academic lives of their children will last beyond their childhood; in fact their influence will expand well into the child’s early adult lives.

Plainly stated, and with no implied division of favor, fathers do have both accountability and responsibility to teach their daughters that their bodies and minds are not the place for temporary visitors, instead their minds and bodies are temples that should be respected, nurtured, protected and valued.
Their minds and bodies are not places for chaos, confusion, torture, drugs and multiple visits by wayfarers or misguided bed players.

The duty of a father is to guide, teach, mentor, provide, correct, discipline, offer support, engage their daughters with high self-esteem and social wisdom. A recently- conducted poll of children participants revealed that fathers need to do more to be involved in the education of their children.
Children need to see their fathers visiting their schools. As a retired school-teacher, on so many occasions I have overheard girls stating that they wished their fathers’ would visit them, to speak to teachers. Over the years, “parent involvement” has been translated to mean “mothers’ involvement.”
In schools, and even within the family itself, it has been oftentimes assumed that mothers have the primary responsibility for encouraging children’s learning and development. These assumptions miss the importance of fathers’ involvement.
In addition, the adverse effects of a father’s absence on the development of his children have been well documented.

What has happened when girls are dressed up like they are two or three times their age and it is cute to cuss and perpetrate being older?
Looking at Miley Cyrus what father would promote her activities in the entertainment industry. There is an extremely fine line between cute and pretty and sleazy and sexually suggestive. Sadly, social media is showing more girls that they are sexually promiscuous and verbally violent with profanity.
The hurtful observation is that the media makes it look glamorous and acceptable, but the truth is that it makes girls look cheap and unmarketable as scholars, leaders and intellectuals. The absence of fathers as models and pro-active teachers is further seen in schools and churches.

There was a time when fathers taught their girls to be lady like, to be intellectually quiet, socially polite, cordial and learning social graces that allow girls to create the perceptions of social acceptance.

Girls must be taught the skills, abilities, wisdom, and above all strength to compete when it comes to being successful in a competitive world.
Are men of color, melanated males so mentally and emotionally castrated that they cannot volunteer at their children’s schools, chaperone field trips, attend parent/teacher meetings and school board meetings?

I am sure that I am preaching to the choir, but this needs to be told for children’s sake. Fathers support your children’s education.
Fathers of color are quick to unhesitatingly state, “that is my son or daughter” when honors are given out, scholarships are awarded, athletic accomplishments are recognized, but what about supporting the most important part of the educational process LEARNING!!!!
Fathers need to be reading to children, sharing wisdoms of life, mentoring and taking children to libraries, visiting museums, and attending cultural events. Daughters, step-daughters, grand-daughters and nieces need the wisdom of the men in their lives. If men don’t take the time to teach their daughters the streets will.
Imagine the impact to our community and how better our girls can be if fathers are more active.

Fathers it is not too late to , actively engaged father that a daughter needs for life and relational success.

Aleuta continua— The struggle continues.