Believing can bring precious things in your life

IMPACT: Get rid of doubt and embrace faith

It’s time to believe the word of the Lord in a personal way. It’s time to understand that God’s word is to help you in this life.
This is your set time to be favoured.
This is your set time to prosper and be in good health. It’s your set time to be established in your destiny but you need to believe the word of the Lord rather than circumstances, statistics and doubting thoughts.
Stop doubting whether there is a God. I want to assure you that there is a God and he is not religious, he is real. He is not denominational, he is relational.
I want to address the unbelieving and doubting people with these words of truth and encouragement.
Some do not even believe there is a God, but they believe in their doctors, lawyers, voodoo priest, their bankers but not in the true and living God. Such people are missing out on God’s best.
As for those who doubt, Christians and non-Christians alike, these are also missing out on God’s best because of their doubt and fear.
Today I want you to believe in the Lord your God. Believe in the prophetic word and you will surely prosper.
Believe that it is not too late for your life because he is a God of second chances. Believe that God is able to do great things for your life.
Unbelief is a dangerous thing, it can cripple your progress and prosperity.
Believe that you are beautiful, unique and special. Believe that all things are possible to them that believe.
Practice saying, I am a believer. Speak what you believe until you see it.
Believing can bring precious things in your life.
Believing can connect you to your destiny helpers.
Believing can bring salvation,healing and deliverance to your soul.
It’s time to believe and stop doubting.
Doubting is a terrible spirit, it stops you from taking chances. Many have never had the opportunity to finish their education or excel in their jobs because of doubt.
Some have never even had a decent vacation for years because of doubt. Doubting will tell you there’s not enough money to go on an overseas vacation etc.filling your head with lies to confirm you to limitations when you were created to soar.
I pray that after reading this brief message you will get rid of doubt, fear, and unbelief and embrace faith without limits; because the Lord Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith is a God of limitless opportunities, grace and love.
Please disconnect yourself from doubting people and connect yourself with people who will celebrate you and support or join you in the accomplishment of your dreams and visions.
Make the choice today to evict the negative mindsets and behaviours that you once held on to because of doubt and fear. I can assure you, you will never regret it.

Pastor Julianna Daniel

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